Lightworkers Academy Business Sistermind is an intimate group coaching experience for 6 lightworkin’ women who are ready to go all in on bringing the next level of their heart-driven vision to life. 

The coaches, the healers, the yogis, the creative badasses, the self-love queens, the beauty makers, the meditators, the circle facilitators, the boss babes, the writers, the energy wizards.. the women wanting their lightwork to become their lifework. 

Even though you have the business basics down pat and you have a pretty clear idea of where you’re heading, you’re craving higher conversations around deepening your impact and income in a space where you don’t have to dim to fit in or feel bad or embarrassed about your big dreams anymore. 

You already know that you’re more than capable of killing it and that big vision of yours feels closer than ever but you’re hitting a plateau with your productivity, you have all the ideas and no idea what to do with them, your services are feeling stagnant, your lack of creative flow is frustrating you and you’re freakin’ out about how the heck this dream of yours will ever pay the bills! 

I see so many women dancing around their dreams and self-sabotaging their next level by convincing themselves it’s too far away and everyone else is already doing it so what’s the point?. I bet you’re getting pretty bored of hearing those same old shitty stories and excuses about why you can’t do it, right? 

I know for a fact that the vision in your heart is much closer than you think, and I’m here to help you make it happen. 

Your vision is expanding and so are YOU!

And I’m here to hold you to the next level of your creative potential. 

I’m here to hold you to the next level of your creative potential 

Think of this Business Sistermind as a 5-month creative incubator with 6 other women holding a clear intention of making big business moves and aligned actions in a fun AF new way

I want you to know that you can go big with your soul biz without compromising your self-care. 

You can get a shitload done in a way that nourishes and energises you.

Your creative energy will never run out when you run with it. 

Your dreams are within your reach and probably much closer than you think. 

You can be successful AF in your own way and not turn into a selfish weirdo.

And the only thing that’s truly missing in your business is more of YOU. 




  • Strip back the ‘should’s’ and channel your focus into the key priorities to move your vision forward and create strong business foundations.  
  • Get down and dirty with your vision so you know exactly where you’re heading from a birds eye view so you can let your vision energise and lead you 
  • Schedules for content creation and how to plan projects out from social media, to online courses, to 7 day challenges. Let’s break it down and get things moving!  
  • Embody the mindset that is crucial if you want success and momentum in your business 
  • Expand your financial income streams to support your vision. Widen your width of what’s possible, don’t limit the ways your creativity can serve others and generate abundance. We will break down the pillars of your business to open new streams. 
  • Build your community in a way and at a rhythm that is most aligned and real to you 
  • Expand your confidence and comfort zone — you will be held accountable to taking bigger business steps and leaning in to show up for all that you are here to create 
  • Plan out the execution and timelines needed to bring your ideas to life in the easiest and lightest way possible 
  • Build your support and self-care squad – inside and outside of business
  • Understand and own YOUR secret sauce and drawing more of that out – no hiding here!

This Business Sistermind is a space where you can confidently pour your heart out and own your vision knowing it will be safe, celebrated and held. 

This is an action accelerator grounded in the feminine way where soul and structure play together to make big moves knowing that burnout isn’t on the agenda, but neither is procrastination or playing small. 

Your vision deserves your devotion.

I’ll be bringing my signature No-BS blend of






to help you get out of your head and on with your mission

There are creations in your heart that are ripe and ready to serve your community. 

From intimate offerings to signature online programs

1:1 mentoring to group masterminds

Insta-stories to speaking on stages

Blogs to books

Meditations to magazines

Immersive events to week-long retreats

Energy work to educational workshops

Sacred ceremonies to full moon circles

Podcasts to heart-made products

Maybe your next level is so close you can taste it! But you’re stuck overthinking your every move and doubting your dreams because they feel too big for you! You’re scared to trust yourself and know that you will be able to handle, and hold it.

So let’s ground this badboy and make it your new normal.


  • Fortnightly online group training and accountability calls

  • 2 x 60min 1:1 Coaching Calls with Trace to work through blocks and set specific creative and financial goals 

  • Weekly focus points, action steps, energy boosters and creative check-ins via our private FB Group
  • Simple energetic practices to keep you grounded and focused through your up-levelling

  • High-vibin support and straight talk from your new biz besties to keep you fired up and focused

  • Free access to Trace’s ‘Rock Your Inner Light’ online Kundalini Yoga course in which as a group, we will undergo a 40day Kundalini Yoga practice to re-organise our aura for abundance and opportunity

  • A shitload of special surprises along the way that I’m not spilling the beans on yet!

  • A 3 night in-person Creative Immersion Retreat at The Summer House, (Torquay, VIC Australia. Nov 7th-10th, 2019) where your creative energy will be fizzing and your self-care topped up 


Plus these two epic masterclasses

“How to Shine Online: The Strategy + Soul of Social Media”

with Ellie Swift,
leading Mindset + Marketing Magician

  “Money Talk: Taking the fear out of your finances + setting up for business success”

with Diana Todd,
founder of Balance Tax: Tax education for small biz owners



Access to everything listed above in the 5 month Business Sistermind

$2997 AUD

(Deposit of $597 plus 6 x monthly payments of $400 AUD)


Access to everything listed above in the 5 month Business Sistermind

PLUS a 3 night all inclusive in-person creative immersion retreat at The Summer House, Torquay, VIC – November 7-10th 2019.

Think daily kundalini yoga + meditation, business actions, content creation, a mini biz photoshoot, embodiment work and awakening the senses.

(please note flights are not included)

$3997 AUD

(Deposit of $997 plus 8 x monthly payments of $375 AUD)

Here’s a sneak peek of what our creative retreat looks and feels like











Requirements to apply for Lightworkers Academy Business Sistermind

  • You have your basic business vision, you know your key message, and you are ready to take it to YOUR next level 

  • You will bring your full energy to this group — you get fired up by other women killing it in business and get high on the energy of action and creative collaboration 

  • You have done multiple ‘draft copies’ (maybe you’ve coached some clients, taught your first workshops, sold your first products) and you have a basic website or are planning to create one very soon. 

  • You have many creative ideas and are just needing the structure and support to execute on them, and you know now’s the time to really rock and roll

  • You already have a social media profile that you regularly post on and engage with (note: number of followers does not matter!)

  • You are willing to be resourceful and open to creative solutions in order to amp things up

  • You will be highly encouraged to create and launch a free or paid product / service in alignment with your vision and brand (with my support of course) and you must be willing to be stretched, set time aside with deadlines on launches and creative projects (depending on your specific business) 

  • You have a basic understanding of technology and are willing to learn new systems or structures that may support your business growth and organisation 

  • You have blocks of time to dedicate to your business, without distractions

  • You want to up-level not just your business vision, but your life vision too

  • You won’t get caught up in excuses or procrastination — you are ready to give it all you’ve got and see what’s truly possible for you!


Tracey’s badass, generous heart is infectious and embodied

Tracey invokes bold action in other Lightworkers because her badass, generous heart is infectious and embodied. A millennial that means what she says and doesn’t wait for anyone or anything to make an impact. Tracey is not messing around when it comes to helping others tap into their Light.

– Zsuzsa Octaviano, Women’s Mentor, Yoga Teacher and host of Deep Defiance podcast

Tracey has changed the trajectory of my life to one of expansion, passion and courageously creating my dreams.

Tracey ignites a fire within your belly and continues to fan the flame even when you unconsciously try to put it out. She holds space for you to shine from a place of ‘I’ve been here, you can do it too’ which is so humble and genuine. From inspiring me with her truth bombs, insta-story rants, mic-drops and heart space coaching, she has changed the trajectory of my life to one of expansion, passion and courageously creating my dreams.

– Shayne Mitchell, Yoga Teacher and Chiropractic Assistant

Coaching with Tracey was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. Within a few months, all of the things I had been ‘dreaming of’ and things I had put in the ‘one day box’ had suddenly come to life. I am now selling out my workshops, booking out my 1:1 mentoring, I have created a group mentoring program and successfully hosted several dream events. Tracey lovingly guided me to a higher level of self-belief and it rippled out in to every aspect of my life. Tracey reminded me that doing my heart’s work could be the most natural, easy and fun thing to do. All of the charge and fear I put around my dreams dissipated and I was left with confidence and a knowingness that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. Tracey’s teachings are deeply relevant to our modern climate and her messages need to be heard. She is a powerful voice for the next generation of lightworkers.


– Amanda Hill, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Yoga Teacher, Host of The Amanda Hill Show

Tracey is one-of-a-kind

Her way with words is magical; her way of looking at how the mind, body and spirit interconnects energetically is incredibly insightful; and her way of getting the fire in your belly to rekindle or burn brighter is so deeply healing, and so deeply needed. She’s someone I’d have on my team any day, and I’m so grateful to know her. 

— Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Bestselling Author of You Are Enough & It’s All Good

Having Tracey as a coach and teacher has allowed me to rise to new levels of personal growth and move through layers of healing.

I initially discovered Tracey after I moved to Perth and was searching for Kundalini yoga classes. From the first class I knew I had found an amazing teacher. Tracey’s love for personal development and guiding Women into their full creative expression is present in her powerful work and our every interaction.

Her guidance has helped move me into a deeper understanding of my life purpose. I feel so blessed to have worked with this incredible woman.

—Caitlin Woodford, Art Teacher and Yogi


Tracey Spencer is an award winning self-belief coach, writer, speaker and Kundalini Yoga teacher on a mission to help women kick self-doubt to the kerb and bring their heart’s visions to life.

Since 2015 Tracey has coached hundreds of women out of fear and guided them into turning their passions into their purpose through one-to-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, ecourses, yoga classes and her straight talking insta-stories. Known for her NO BS approach to believing in yourself and chasing your dreams, Tracey has taught thousands of women through sold out live workshops and speaking events across Australia. She has successfully created and launched multiple online programs and her first book is due out in 2020, so she knows the creative process and actions required inside-out.  

Winner of the 2014-2016 Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the Year award and a finalist for 2018-2019 Beautiful You International Coach of the Year Award, Tracey has a unique way of turning spiritual lingo into real talk to help women step up, use their creative gifts to make an impact in the world, and to unapologetically rock their light.



If I miss this round, when does the next round start?

At this stage the next round of Lightworkers Academy Business Sistermind will be in August 2020. 

Why is there an application process?

Due to limited spaces for the Business Sistermind, I want to make sure I am the right teacher for you and that this course will support you in the next steps of your business vision before you make the investment. If I truly believe there is something better suited to support you and your business, I will absolutely help with recommendations or support however I can.

What happens after I submit my application?

Submit + surrender! You will receive a personal email from Tracey by August 30th to let you know if you’re the right fit for the Business Sistermind! If you are all IN – you will be able to ask Tracey any final questions and concerns you have before you are sent a contract agreement to sign and an invoice for your initial deposit to lock in your space. Once this is received it is all systems go! 

Do I need to have a big social media following to apply?

Absolutely not! What you will need is a big heart and a deep desire to serve in your own beautiful way. Your social media presence growing will just be a reflection and a byproduct of your inner growth and alignment through this Business Sistermind. You don’t need a big following for your light to make a big impact on the world!

Is this Business Sistermind only for Life Coaches?

Absolutely not! This is for anyone with a service based business and a vision in their heart to help make a positive impact in the world. Coaches, creatives, circle facilitators, yogis, designers, healers, writers, artists, meditation teachers, podcasters, home-made products – online + offline businesses are all needed and welcome. 

Is this for me if don't have a business idea?

If you have absolutely no idea on what you want to create, this Business Sistermind is not for you just yet. I would recommend my Lightworkers Academy as a foundation course to help you get clearer on your purpose and power! 

Do I need to already have a successful business to apply?

This Business Sistermind is designed to help you move through the transition of embodying YOUR next level in your business and mission! This is not for complete beginners to business (eg if you have been running your business or sharing your message consistently for less than 3months, this maybe isn’t the right spot for you just yet). This Business Sistermind is perfect if you have your business foundations locked and loaded, but you’re ready to really spread your wings and show up at a greater capacity. 

When does the Business Sistermind start and end?

We kick off September 8th 2019 and wrap up February 8th 2020 – note the additional time is to give space for the Christmas holidays. 

What if I don’t live in Australia?

Lightworkers Academy Business Sistermind is for women all over the World – Group Call times will accommodate different time zones as much as possible, and you will know the times weeks / months in advance to schedule. This is also the reason the retreat is optional in case flying to Australia does not align with your current calender and budget. 

What if I can’t make the live call times?

It is highly recommended you make as many group calls live as possible to be in the group energy – however all group calls, facebook lives and guest teacher calls are recorded and available within 36hours. 

What if I don’t have Facebook?

Facebook will be needed as our Private Facebook Group is where a lot of the conversations and connections will go down, as well as regular FB live trainings and check ins from Tracey. Communication will also be done via email and voxer voice messaging. 

How do the payment plans work?

You will pay the initial deposit once your application is accepted to confirm your place in the Business Sistermind. You will then be invoiced in alignment with the amount on your payment plan selected on the 10th of each month, starting September 10th 2019. 

When will I know if I have been accepted?

You will receive a personal email from Tracey by August 30th if you have been accepted for the Business Sistermind. 

What if I don’t connect with Business Sistermind, can I get a refund?

I wholeheartedly believe in everything I teach in Lightworkers Academy Business Sistermind as I live and breathe this work! I deeply know that when you show up for these lessons and teachings, you will experience incredible shifts to your life and your business. The reason there is an application process is to make sure you are a perfect fit for the group, and that I am a perfect fit for you as a teacher! Your deposit is non-refundable once paid. If after 2 weeks of the Business Sistermind starting, and from your full participation in the group and on live training calls, you feel this is not right for you to continue you can terminate your space in the Business Sistermind.   

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, I’m a little nervous?

Sweet as – you’ve landed here for a reason. The nerves are often your cue that growth is coming and fear is the first sign of that! You will know within yourself if this is something for you – you might experience goosebumps when you read over the course, or just feel a strong intuitive knowing that you need to do this. Connect with my energy and you will know if I’m the teacher for you. And if not – honour the NO too. Let your own wisdom guide you here. Check in with those excuses from your head “Ohh I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have time for it”, “I don’t really even need it” – they could be the truth, or they could also be your fears in disguise distracting you and keeping you from the power that you know is waiting for you.

If you have ANY questions at all about Lightworkers Academy Business Sistermind or you’re not sure if this is right for you, please email hello@traceyspencer.com.au and let’s chat!