An online training for women wanting to ditch the self-doubt, find their voice, ground into their gifts and bring their big-hearted visions to life.

Hands up if…

You’ve always felt a little different from your friends and family but never really knew why. You’re no stranger to feeling a little misunderstood – like they just don’t truly get you.

You feel such a strong inner knowing that you’re here to do big work in the world even though you maybe don’t know exactly what that looks like yet. You can just feel it.

You have a super clear intuition and even from a young age you’ve been sensitive to energy and wondered why you feel so drained in certain environments or from being around certain people when everyone else seems fine…

You’ve been experiencing physical and energetic upgrades, almost like an a huge clearing out or shedding of things that no longer serve you. Although you don’t know exactly what’s happening, you just feel different now.

You can’t stand superficial shit any longer and anything fake just bores the hell out of you. You’re here for the real deal and deeper connection only.

You have a big vision in your heart and a yearning to serve that makes you cry at the drop of a hat with moments of overwhelming joy and gratitude…coupled with some days when your fears are so loud that all you can do is curl up in foetal position and smash down another block of Pana chocolate.


And I want you to know that you’re not alone, and you’re not a weirdo.

Here’s another thing or two I reckon might be true for you right now

…. despite most of your life looking pretty damn peachy on the outside, you’re sensing a disconnect that’s led you to reading alllll the personal development books and listen to all the podcasts just to try to get to that place where you feel more… you…

….your inner voice is making it pretty clear that it’s time to quit hiding and pretending to be someone you’re not because the days of playing small are over

But even though one (or both) of these things ring true for you, you keep self-sabotaging so that even when you DO take action, it feels like you’re stuck in the cha-cha (one step forward, three steps back).

You’ve reached a level where continuing to do what you’ve been doing for a while now is what’s keeping you from stepping into your potential and doing the work you’re truly here to do

Going at it solo won’t get you to where you wanna go.

You’re at a point where the self-development books and podcast subscriptions ain’t gonna cut it to take you to level of confidence you’re craving where all of your light and radiance gets to rock-the-fuck-out.

Sure, those things have helped you gather all the puzzle pieces and given you the inspiration and soul food to remind you of what’s possible. 

And because of them, you’re so close to opening the floodgates to your own badassery and making your vision a reality.

But there’s just one thing missing….


If you’re craving the sort of support, connection and community that turbo-boosts your self-trust and self-belief, or if you know it’s time to stop talking and journaling about your dreams and actually start making them happen, then read on my friend.

I know you’ve been doing the inner work for a while now, and you have a strong calling to teach, lead, coach, write and step up to share your gifts with the world in a way that you can no longer deny or pretend that you can’t hear.

You’ve seen crystal clear visions or caught small glimpses of yourself working your gifts:

➤  writing the book
➤  rocking the podcast
➤  guiding women back to their bodies through dance
➤  holding Sister Circles
➤  creating amazing products and programs
➤  healing others through your art
➤  using your voice and words to support people back to their true selves
➤  bringing groups of people together for greater healing and self-love
➤  sharing your passion for wellness, or
➤  creating a life that lights you up from the inside out

…it shoots shivers up your spine and makes your hands tingle just thinking about it.

The only problem is – you keep doubting your vision, and yourself.


You’re stuck in a never-ending spiral of self-sabotage with Academy Award winning speeches from your ego saying things like;


“Who the hell do I think I am to teach this stuff?”

“I’m not qualified enough yet, who will listen to me?

“Everyone is already doing it (and is soo much better than me) so why bother?

“What will my family and friends think of me?”

Oh and how do you think you’ll make money from that?”

“Don’t let your degree go down the drain and be wasted – stop being stupid and irresponsible and just get a real job!”

You keep dipping one foot in to your dreams, then the doubt makes you pull it back out and reach for your pro’s and con’s list again before you start.

You keep convincing yourself you aren’t ready yet, and keep darting your eyes around looking at what everyone else is doing instead of getting to work on your own creations.

You’re sick of your own shitty stories – I mean how many more times can you hear yourself saying ‘I don’t have enough money or time’? Even you’re getting bored of your own excuses.

You’re afraid of being judged by the people closest to you, especially when they not so subtly project their stories with comments like ‘Why don’t you just get a real job? What’s all that hippie stuff you’re doing? How is that going to pay the bills? Don’t do anything stupid!”

But those fears aren’t what’s really holding you back

 The real reason you’re afraid to go for it and be fully seen and felt in your power and radiance isn’t fear of failure.

It’s fear of success…how dare you be that powerful, radiant and successful, right?

Here’s what I want you to know about that vision that keeps tapping you on the shoulder and making your belly buzz in your morning meditations…

You wouldn’t have been shown it
if you weren’t ready to own it

That vision of yours isn’t fluffy, or fake, or something you randomly made up to get attention.

It is real, ripe and ready to be shared with the World.

There has NEVER been a more crucial time for coaches, yogi’s, teachers, self-love ambassadors, artists, healers, wellness warriors, writers, energy wizards, creative badasses, and lightworkers to own their power and birth their hearts highest visions into the World. 




Your voice and your vision are needed.



Whether you’re in the transition stages of wanting to move into more aligned work


You’re already working your magic but you’re feeling the call to amp up your belief to bring more of your spiritual and creative gifts into the World

…Lightworkers Academy is for you.


It’s time to fully (and joyfully) expand into your highest vision and power.

It’s time to crank up the voice in your heart over the voice in your head.

It’s time to give your crazy, passionate self a BIG welcome home hug and let your freak flag fly.

And I’m here to show you how.

Lightworkers Academy was the first place I felt like I belonged.

“Before I joined LWA I was really stressed and alone, and found it really difficult to share my business visions and make the impact I truly wanted with it. I needed to get the foundations in myself right on the inside before executing on all my ideas. I discovered that there were awakening women just like me in this community, and this was a safe space where we could all feel held and supported to bloom. I even found my best friend through Lightworkers Academy!

If you have visions that you know you are meant to bring into this world and you’re just not sure how yet — I highly recommend Lightworkers Academy. This will change you as a person, and change your life!”  

Cherie Ha

 This course is an investment into your highest calling. 

“Trace will guide you in up-levelling your vision, owning your purpose, and getting crystal clear on what you want personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, or in a relationship. In the four short months of Lightworkers Academy 2019 I wrote, edited, and finished my first book, launched a business online, got back into teaching yoga, and learned how to have a gentler, more respectful relationship with money. I can’t put a price on Tracey’s teachings on money – they’ve changed my financial life (and my family’s) forever.”

Alexandra Wiatr

You will finish Lightworkers Academy a different woman to the one you were when you began.

“This isn’t some airy fairy course. You will finish Lightworkers Academy a different woman to the one you were when you began. Lightworkers Academy gave me the belief to start teaching monthly women’s circles, launch my website and recreate my whole brand and offerings for The Modern Sacred Feminine, and I feel like I walked away with a new group of soul sisters and personal cheerleaders.

Jess Jordan

An online training for women wanting to ditch the self-doubt, find their voice, ground into their gifts and bring their big-hearted visions to life.

Lightworkers Academy isn’t another airy fairy course full of affirmations and fluffy ideas.
It’s a powerful and straight-talkin’ space for you to OWN your purpose, get crystal clear on what you want to bring to life, and FINALLY take action on it without heady overthinking, endless comparison and paralysing self-doubt.


If you’ve been waiting for a permission slip and guide to lead you to a whole new level of self-belief and embodiment to rock out in the great work you’re here to bring, this is it.

Lightworkers Academy is for you if you’re the

rose quartz wearin’ woman who;

+ Is working a part-time or full-time job that isn’t lighting you up that much anymore. You daydream about the vision in your heart all day long wondering if it’s even possible and how you’ll ever actually make it happen because it feels soo far away right now

+ Is multi-passionate and highly creative, so much so that you have a million ideas that having been collecting dust for a while now because you are too overwhelmed with options and don’t know how or where to even begin

+ Is the queen procrastinator, with a double-dose of perfectionist on the side always feeling like you must have every single detail figured out before you start… which is causing you to never actually start

+ Is the firecracker of the Family with big visions backed up with even bigger self-doubt, putting so much pressure on yourself that you take on too much, freak out and burn out, and left wondering how you will ever sustain the energy of your vision  

+ Is spending her Saturday nights watching Gabby Bernstein lectures on YouTube and your Friday nights at Full Moon circles saging the heck out of what no longer serves you, whilst most of your friends are all out partying. Little do they know you’re about to heal the world through your art

+ Is the corporate queen turned earth goddess who is redefining what success from your heart looks like whilst leading a community of first-time Mums into deeper self-care. Although you are on purpose, you are sick of comparing and never feeling good enough and you know you have so much more to give to the World

+ Is the ‘positive one’ of the group who feels called to teach simple wellness, self-love and sustainability to people around you, beyond just your family and friends, but you’re thinking ‘who will want to listen to me when there’s so much already out there’

Whether you’re a yogi, a coach, a teacher, creative or a healer (or none or all of these things), I know you’re being called to crank things up a notch and settle more into your power and use your voice in a way to help others

This is an invitation to lean in and up-level your light like never before.

Through this 4-month activation and recalibration, we deepen the depth of your embodiment of



Grounding into your gifts + unapologetically rocking out as you.

  • ➤  Getting crystal clear on the flavour that you are here to bring
  •  ➤  Identifying your “gold medal” vision. This alone will change the game with how you direct your focus without fear of failure stopping you for another 8 months.
  • ➤  Ditch the self-doubt and ground into your gifts fully, owning your unique expression and having more fun with it
  • ➤  Taking the energetic charge and pressure off your purpose and being in the energy of your potential now
  • ➤  Dissolving comparison and letting go of judgment of others hanging over your shoulders, and giving yourself permission to rock it your own way
  • ➤  Understanding Ego success VS Heart success and why you’re never feeling like you’re doing enough, no matter how much you do!
  • ➤  Attracting opportunities to support your great work by focusing on inner alignment over external validation
  • ➤  Move from procrastination and perfectionism to productive and creating on purpose
  • ➤  Let go of the ‘I’m not enough’ crapola weighing you down, and show up with a whole new level of self-belief


Your Queendom starts with you

  • ➤  This conversation goes well beyond flower crowns and deeply into owning the Queendom you are here to create, for yourself AND your community
  • ➤  In order to rise, a part of us must die; Together we lovingly explore the habits, behaviours and unconscious limitations of your feminine lineage to both honour the past and bring freedom to future creations
  • ➤  Re-defining power in a way that is true for you so it no longer feels like a punch to the solar plexus when you see another Woman in her power
  • ➤  You won’t be stepping into anything here, instead I’ll be asking you to settle into your power, starting at your hips and your heart
  • ➤  Create a new relationship with your body, and own your beauty and your badassery as a powerful, heart-driven, intuitive Woman.
  • ➤  Find your authentic voice, and crank it up a notch – let’s clean out the cobwebs of that throat chakra babay!
  • ➤  Ground into your power as a spiritual teacher, leader, coach or speaker in your own way
  • ➤  Expand your impact by expanding your radiance
  • ➤  Not just screenshotting ‘I am enough’ insta quotes, but deeply knowing it
  • ➤  Clearing the ‘I’m not ready’ stories because the certificates on the wall will always come second to the power that sits in your pelvic girdle


The 7 Spirals of Creating

  • ➤  Just as your kundalini potential moves in spirals, so do your creative projects; with a flow and a clear expression of their own. You will receive a creative road map to guide your vision from the crown down and will completely change the way you bring your creations to life
  • ➤  Develop a new understanding of your own creative energy, how to flow with it and thrive with your creative cycles, no hustle needed here my friends!
  • ➤  Embrace your unique creative expression – because aint nobody got time for polished and perfect, let you message move through you unfiltered so it can move others too
  • ➤  If your work isn’t turning you on, something is wrong (Hint: The ‘shoulds’ will never truly satisfy you)
  • ➤  Having complete trust in yourself and your vision, no matter what!
  • ➤  Owning and flexing the joy of your energetic boundaries so your creativity can soar and support you on a whole new level
  • ➤  Structure AND wide-open space – we need both and I want to teach you the way that you can move with your creative energy, without the burn-out.
  • ➤  You’ll learn how your 7 energy centres directly reflect your creative blocks, and how to get ‘unstuck’ from the inside – out.


The joy of generating abundance from your gifts

  • ➤  Comparison and jealousy is only lack and keeping you stuck from your own success, let’s eliminate it for good so you can get on with creating.
  • ➤  It is our responsibility to receive for our hearts work – I invite you to have a quantum shift around money, and never go back.
  • ➤  Ditch the guilt, shame, ickiness around earning from your spiritual work and creative gifts.
  • ➤  Untangle outdated thoughts, feelings and beliefs around abundance and find your financially supportive sweet-spot
  • ➤  Welcoming in abundance starts with releasing energetic charge from the past and trusting yourself to hold it – it is safe for you to be powerful now
  • ➤  Clean up patterns keeping you in the energetic identity of ‘I never have enough’ and no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to shift it
  • ➤  How to generate abundance + opportunities using your creativity + gifts
  • ➤  The joy of receiving, letting it be easy and fun
  • ➤  Questions to ask yourself whenever fear of not having enough shows up (again) – this will dissolve the fear of ‘failure’ and ‘regret’
  • ➤  I invite you to have a quantum shift around money that once you move the needle here, you won’t ever go back so that lack isn’t in your vocab anymore.

Throughout this process you will be surrounded by a group of

Lit AF Lightbeams just like you, who will be cheering you on and calling you up!

Together we create a sacred container where you can’t help but transform into more of your true self.

I cannot articulate how powerful this course is!

“Lightworkers Academy is empowering, grounding and expansive. I had been circulating in Trace’s orbit for a little while and absolutely devouring any and every truthbomb she put out into the Universe but I didn’t really think LWA was “for me.” It felt a little intimidating and scary – my ego was shouting sister wound stories: “what if the group doesn’t like me??”

But the minute I joined and felt the community, I knew I was in the right place! The container Tracey creates and environment she fosters is unparalleled – my heart was so filled and uplifted any time I would get off a call, or enter the FB group and see the immense and genuine support for one another. 

I feel more empowered in my decision making, connected to my intuition, and more grounded in who I am. I cannot articulate how powerful this course is– it will have you dig deep to honor who you truly are and unearth bits of you you didn’t know were there, and help you rise as your badass self!”

Cayla Merrill

 Being a part of this group has given me so much courage to step into what I truly yearn to be in this lifetime. 

“Doing Lightworkers Academy with Trace has allowed me to completely flip my perspective on what is possible for me to achieve. Being a part of this group has given me so much courage to step into what I truly yearn to be in this lifetime. It’s gifted me beautiful friendships that I’m so incredibly grateful for. I’ve finally learnt how to shine my own light in this world.”

Tereza Podloucka

I walked into Lightworkers Academy disconnected from myself and from my life – and walked out completely lit up, juiced up, tapped in and turned on.

“Trace reminded me that our ‘vision’ is actually our entire lives, not just our career. She showed me how to truly tap into my creativity and also into my feminine power. 

I have done a lot of personal development work and Tracey is honestly one of the most potent, powerful, incredible teachers I have learnt from. If this calls to you, or you want more juice out of your life – please ignore that doubtful, fear-based voice inside your head, and do it anyway.”

Penny Younger

Here’s what you receive through our 4 month deep-dive


Monthly online group trainings where we deep dive into each topic and get into the juice of what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck (Calls are scheduled weeks in advance and if you can’t join us live, you can access the recordings for life)


2x audio downloads per month where the big lessons on purpose, power and prosperity go down (think truthbombs and spirited straight talk on speed dial)


Live riffs and Q+A’s calls in our private online space to keep you moving and creating between group calls


Kundalini Yoga teachings and meditations weaved throughout the course to keep your heart open and your creative energy firing


A bunch of journal prompts and activities to help you get clear on what your heart really wants, trusting your highest vision, birthing your next creative projects and what blocks are keeping you from making it happen


Access to a group of other big-hearted women from all over the globe via a private, high-vibing and supportive online space. Each month you will have a Community Connection Call lead by a LWA Big Sister to check in, connect with other women in the course and to support you in your transformation. 


Lifetime access to the content, online community, and all future rounds of the Academy (anything I add to the course including upgrades, bonus trainings or new content is automatically all yours!)

And of course my dedicated, heart-driven and no BS support along the way


Alongside Trace, these Lightworkers Academy alumni support and hold space for your inner transformation.






Email hello@traceyspencer.com.au to find out when the next intake is.


$1497 AUD

 One Time Payment 

Lifetime access to the Lightworkers Academy membership site

4-month live round training and access to all future updates

Live monthly training calls

Access to Facebook Community

Additional resources to guide you on your lightworkers journey


6 x $265 AUD

 Monthly Payments 

Lifetime access to the Lightworkers Academy membership site

4-month live round training and access to all future updates

Live monthly training calls

Access to Facebook Community

Additional resources to guide you on your lightworkers journey


9 x $179 AUD

 Monthly Payments 

Lifetime access to the Lightworkers Academy membership site

4-month live round training and access to all future updates

Live monthly training calls

Access to Facebook Community

Additional resources to guide you on your lightworkers journey

Enrolments Close 6PM AWST Monday 28th September.

Hey…have we met yet?
I’m Trace.

I help big-hearted women birth their big-hearted visions.
One of my main gifts? Helping you cut the fluff and get moving.
I know how to draw your light and gifts out and help you start acting on

And I’m here to show you that your lightwork and purpose is allowed to be FUN.

That’s *my* lightwork – I get you to quit overthinking, and believe in yourself enough to go for it.

Since 2015, I’ve coached hundreds of women out of fear and guided them into turning their passions into their purpose through one-to-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, ecourses, yoga classes, my podcast Live Your Lightwork, and my straight talking insta-stories. 

The same skills that I’ve taught to thousands of women through sold-out live workshops and speaking events across Australia have also earned me the titles of 2015-2016 Beautiful You Emerging Coach of the Year award, finalist for 2018-2019 Beautiful You International Coach of the Year Award and will see me become a published author in 2020.

All my work ties back to helping women step up, use their creative gifts to make an impact and to unapologetically rock their light.

 That’s why I created Lightworkers Academy. 

To help you become who you’re here to be and   unapologetically rock-the-fuck-out of your own light.


I’ve learnt how to listen to my body, work in flow and overcome self-doubt over and over again.

“If you have a vision, even if you don’t know exactly what it is just yet, Trace is definitely the woman you need to help you find clarity, self-belief and, most of all, make it happen!”

Anna Swan

The ripples from the four-month program are still going and will be for a long time to come…I am so excited now for what the future holds.

“I was also blown away (and still am) at how above and beyond Tracey’s support has gone. I started the year with all my plans being thrown in the air and not having any direction, and now I’m ending the year running my own business and absolutely loving and owning what I do. The ripples from the four-month program are still going and will be for a long time to come, and I am so excited now for what the future holds.”

Liz Burton

 It was like the penny dropped for me…This course will change your life if you’re ready to dive in.

“I signed up to Lightworkers Academy wanting to learn more about my fear and work on releasing it. Tracey teaches this in such a clear way, it was like the penny dropped for me. I’ve done a lot of self-development work for over 20 years going to therapy and reading all the self-help books but Lightworkers Academy helped me actually shed some layers and enter a space of inner peace. This course will change your life if you’re ready to dive in.”

Jasmine Batey

Still wondering if Lightworkers Academy is actually made for you?

Let’s be clear. This ISN’T a fit if:

  • You’re down to stay where you are

  • You sign up for stuff just because it seems ‘cool’

  • You’re desperate to become someone else (instead of psyched to meet the real you)

  • You’re after fix-it-quick shortcuts

  • You don’t want to be supported by a group of like-minded legends


If you’re desiring a transformational experience and prepared to go all-in, this 4-month incubator will help you FINALLY break through your old beliefs, quit procrastinating, crank your motivation and create from your heart – unfiltered:

…even if you have no fucking clue what your vision looks like yet

…even if you have BIG dreams and BIG self-doubt to go along with it

…even if you’re scared you’ll still be the odd one out or aren’t cool enough, and 

…even if your dreams scare the freakin’ shit out of you

I joined LWA on the very last day. I was that person who read the sales page over and over…but my inner critic was super loud and kept questioning if I really needed (aka deserved) to invest in myself. It felt super stretchy and scary…but to say I’m glad I followed my intuition…is an understatement! 

Sometimes Tracey didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear…but actually what I needed to hear so that I could get over my fear of being seen and really step into my power. I now have so much more confidence in myself and it’s had the flow on effect into my business too! I am working with the most amazing clients and I also launched my first online course!

Lightworkers Academy will change your life. Everyone needs more Tracey Spencer in their life and I’m forever grateful for her and the magical community she built. Anything is possible when you’re part of Lightworkers Academy.”

– Tahryn Bolt

Lightworkers Academy gave me something that changed the course of my life this year. Trace’s lit, no nonsense approach planted seeds in my mind and it was exactly what I had been seeking – the lightbulb moment of my life! Trace’s guidance and the online support in the online group feels like one giant virtual hug!.”

– Anita Lee

So… it looks like you’ve made it to the bottom of the page, which tells me a couple of things…

You’re reading this page and the whole time thinking, ‘SHIT, is Trace in my head? This is what exactly what I’ve been looking for!’

Buuut at the same time, another voice is piping up with some hesitations (totes normal).

I know there are fears in your mind right now that are stopping you, so let’s break ‘em down, shall we?

“Trace…what if I’m not spiritual enough?”

This isn’t a course in being spiritual, it’s a course in being all of you.

I don’t care if you can meditate for 5 hours or if you go to yoga every single day.

All that matters is that you have the courage to follow the voice in your heart. THAT is spirituality to me. If you’re all in on that, then this space is perfect for you.

“It sounds like this course will be bringing in some epic changes to my life…I’m worried my friends/partner won’t ‘get me’ because I’ve had to let go of people in the past and it scares me to do it again.”

Soul chat: I feel ya. I’ve been through this many times.

And let me tell you: it feels so much better to finally have a soul squad that fully accepts me and cheers me on. Aren’t you sick of filtering who you are? Because I was too. I created Lightworkers Academy to be that soul squad for you.

“I’ve done personal development/spiritual growth courses before and the concepts make sense but I still find myself stuck in my head…how is this any different?”

So many teachers can teach fluffy things but if you don’t have the fire behind it, nothing gets moving.

My lightwork – my gift – is cutting the BS excuses and reigniting your fire. That’s what I’m here to do. That’s what you’re gonna get from this 4-month incubator.

I don’t just want to teach you things, I want you to embody them 

“I’m ALL ABOUT bringing my creative visions to life. But I should be able to get there myself, right?”

Not asking for help is actually a super common way to block yourself from the next level of your potential.

For a long time, I felt like I had to do this work alone. But the reason Lightworkers Academy exists is because I finally started letting people support which allowed me to spread my wings and go big with my lightwork.


And finally open the floodgates to your own badassery


Email hello@traceyspencer.com.au to find out when the next intake is.


$1497 AUD

 One Time Payment 

Lifetime access to the Lightworkers Academy membership site

4-month live round training and access to all future updates

Live monthly training calls

Access to Facebook Community

Additional resources to guide you on your lightworkers journey


6 x $265 AUD

 Monthly Payments 

Lifetime access to the Lightworkers Academy membership site

4-month live round training and access to all future updates

Live monthly training calls

Access to Facebook Community

Additional resources to guide you on your lightworkers journey


9 x $179 AUD

 Monthly Payments 

Lifetime access to the Lightworkers Academy membership site

4-month live round training and access to all future updates

Live monthly training calls

Access to Facebook Community

Additional resources to guide you on your lightworkers journey

Enrolments Close 6PM AWST Monday 28th September.

 Lightworkers Academy gave me the self-belief, courage and confidence to   take action in the direction of my dreams. 

“Before starting Lightworkers Academy, it was easier to shy away from my expansion than to dive into it. I was in a ‘that’s great for them, but I can’t achieve that’ mentality. Lightworkers Academy gave me the self-belief, courage and confidence to take action in the direction of my dreams and make them happen. The lessons in the Academy changed the way I view the success of others and myself and helped me re-write my stories around power, beauty, money and so much more. I am now living the life that I was dreaming of a year ago!

Sam Sawchuk

 I found my voice, stopped caring what other people thought of me and   became more confident in my purpose. 

“I found my voice, stopped caring what other people thought of me and became more confident in my purpose and the woman I’m here to be. I moved past scarcity money fears, officially launched my coaching business, held 3 Goddess Circles and received a clear download of a workshop I knew I had to create – and I then brought it to life using the creative spiral training.

Loren Honey


If I miss this round, when does the next round start?

This will be the last live round of Lightworkers Academy before Trace goes on maternity leave in 2021.

When does the course content start and finish?

Our first group online opening ceremony is Tuesday, 6th October (6/10/2020), with the official deep-dive into Module 1 content beginning Wednesday, 7th March (07/10/2020). This round of LWA runs from October 2020 to January 31st 2021. We take 2 weeks off for the Christmas holidays and then kick off again in January.  

What if I don’t live in Australia?

Lightworkers Academy is for women all over the World – Group Call times will accommodate different time zones as much as possible, and you will know the times weeks / months in advance to schedule.

What if I can’t make the live call times?

No problem – All group calls, facebook lives and guest teacher calls are recorded and uploaded to your membership site within 48 hours – you have lifetime access and can re-watch as many times as you desire.

You have the option of joining either a 10AM AWST (Perth, WA time) or a 6pm AWST (Perth, WA time) live training with Trace. 





What if I don’t have Facebook?

No problem – of course the Private Facebook Group is where a lot of the conversations and connections will go down – but all training videos are uploaded into a private membership site that you don’t need Facebook to have access too.

What do I receive as soon as I sign up?

You will receive a welcome email within 10 minutes confirming your spot in Lightworkers Academy with next steps and upcoming important dates to note in your calendar. (Be sure to check your spam or promotions tabs for this email). Within your welcome email you will receive all the information and key dates as to when you’ll receive content, how to login to your membership site and when you’ll be added to our private online home. You will also receive an Ode to Lightworkers poem for your altar and a ‘welcome home’ audio to energetically connect you with the group. 

Do I need to have a business to join the Academy?

Absolutely not! You may be dipping your toes into running your own business, you may have had a business for a few years but are feeling stuck and know there’s more, you might only have an idea of a business you want to create or a vision you want to bring to life and no idea where or how to start, you might be transitioning into your heart work slowly, or you might have no idea about what your purpose is – all options are perfect and welcomed. This Academy will elevate you wherever you currently are.

What if I don’t connect with the course, can I get a refund?

I wholeheartedly believe in everything I teach in Lightworkers Academy, I live and breathe this work and I deeply know that when you show up for these lessons and teachings, you will experience incredible shifts to your life and your business. However, if for some reason you aren’t vibin’ with the course, I do offer a refund within the first 2 weeks of the course only. Note: You will need to prove that you have been present on all live calls so far, listened to all audio and completed the journal prompts to the best of your ability, and if so I will happily refund you. If you pull out of the program during the first 2 weeks, you will no longer have access to your membership site or any of the Lightworkes Academy content. 

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, I’m a little nervous?

Sweet as – you’ve landed here for a reason. The nerves are often your cue that growth is coming and fear is the first sign of that! You will know within yourself if this is something for you – you might experience goosebumps when you read over the course, or just feel a strong intuitive knowing that you need to do this. Connect with my energy and you will know if I’m the teacher for you. And if not – honour the NO too. Let your own wisdom guide you here. Check in with those excuses from your head “Ohh I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have time for it”, “I don’t really even need it” – they could be the truth, or they could also be your fears in disguise distracting you and keeping you from the power that you know is waiting for you.

Do I receive 1:1 coaching from Tracey through Lightworkers Academy?

This is a group program, so you will not receive 1:1 private coaching with Tracey. You will have the opportunity through every training call, in our facebook group and on Facebook Lives to ask specific questions you need help with that Tracey can offer support and guidance with.

If I enrol on a payment plan, when is the next payment due?

If you enrol on a payment plan, for example the 6 month payment plan, you will pay the first payment on enrollment, then the second instalment payment is automatically debited in 30days from the day that you enrolled. This continues monthly until the 6 payments have been made over 6 months. In your welcome email you are sent information on how to update your payment details if needed throughout the program. 

If you have ANY questions at all about Lightworkers Academy or you’re not sure if this is right for you, please email hello@traceyspencer.com.au and let’s chat!

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We acknowledge the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation as the traditional custodians of this country and its waters, and that the core workplace of Lightworkers Academy stands on Noongar country. We pay our respects and honour Elders past, present and emerging.